4th WPC Youth Forum

The WPC Youth Committee hosted delegates during their 2013 collaborative global forum, Unconventional Solutions for an Unconventional World. The 4th WPC Youth Forum provided a global perspective on industry best practices, technological advancements, corporate social responsibility, financing, as well as the opportunity to develop solutions to current key issues and foreseeable challenges.

The goal was to host a unique forum to engage young energy professionals in a cross-generational dialogue with current leaders, academics and experts to debate today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges. The Forum provided current industry leaders the opportunity to engage with the next generation of energy professionals on issues such as supply and demand, the future energy mix, career opportunities and sustainable production.

“Youth should see the petroleum sector as the most innovative environment to apply their skills and wild ideas to find sustainable solutions to broad energy-related challenges.”

Fueling the Future, thank you to Energyconvo for providing our delegates with an uncommon look into the energy industry.