The 2013 WPC Youth Forum invited organizations to partner with us in welcoming the world’s energy professionals to Calgary. The WPC Forum offered a unique and prestigious marketing and sponsorship opportunity. With the respected legacy of the World Petroleum Council guiding our values, and the vibrant enthusiasm of our Organizing Committee, we were thrilled to have leading organizations part of the Forum’s success.

We were eager to create a unique global networking event, and showcase the best organizations in our industry. Our event allowed sponsors to engage with young professionals. Their involvement helped our Forum succeed, and in return, provided a unique opportunity to market and promote their organizations to a key demographic group of young energy professionals ages 20-35, current leaders and industry experts.

I. Technical Innovation:

• Showcasing research and innovation to promote dialogue regarding technological developments in the industry
• Demonstrating how technology is contributing to sustainability efforts
• Encouraging collaboration and efficiency in R&D across functions, companies, industries and borders
• Highlighting technological developments that have bolstered unconventional energy production
• Examining emerging technological developments and future possibilities within the energy industry

III. Sustainability:

• Attracting and retaining the new generation of talent; addressing demographic and recruiting challenges
• Examining environmental and stakeholder awareness issues
• Understanding global production and consumption trends
• Discussing the role of renewables and the future energy mix
• Highlighting innovative company practices in the area of CSR, environmental management and energy efficiency

II. Business Leadership:

• Encouraging mentorship, engagement and knowledge transfer between experts and young professionals
• Empowering and inspiring future energy leaders by building knowledge and global networks
• Discussing best practices for inner organizational dynamics, human resources and inter-organizational collaboration
• Promoting awareness and the importance of geopolitical and economic factors on the energy industry