Keeping a Pulse

on the Energy Industry in 8 Simple Ways

Staying abreast of the latest trends and breaking news can require dedicated skills and time. As young professionals, having a comprehensive understanding of the energy industry, emerging issues, public affairs along with local, national and global perspectives, is not only an asset, but a competitive advantage.
In-between field visits, training, daily work requirements, and meetings the WPC Canada Youth Committee developed a list of ways we keep a pulse on the industry. They help us, and could help you too.

Here are eight ways to stay up to date with all things in the Canadian energy industry:

1.  Use social media. If you have an account you’re already set. If not, consider signing up. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a whole gamut of other platforms, offer a way to stay engaged and on top of breaking news. More media outlets, journalists, and investors are using social media to break their stories before it hits the evening news.

2.  Sign up for email alerts through Google Alerts. You can tell Google what topics, key words or phrases you want to know about.

3.  Use Feedly and set-up RSS feeds. This allows you to get traditional news, expert blogs, stock alerts, and energy industry coverage.

4.  Attend industry events and speakers whenever possible.

5.  Read Google Finance, the BOE report, Bloomberg and the Economist. These can be accessed through subscriptions or found online for free.

6.  Watch energy focused business TV segments like CNBC’s Mad Money, BNN and Bloomberg.

7.  Become a member of an industry association or network group. These can include CAPP, CEPA, or APEGA etc.

8.  Become a WPC Canada Youth Committee member. Join our email list for all the latest events and initiatives.

 We know there are many ways to stay in touch out there. Tell us your ideas!