Let’s Talk: Nuclear Energy

April 10,2015

Nuclear power is arguably one of society’s greatest hopes, and darkest fears. Proponents see nuclear power as an opportunity to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. However, opponents are haunted by images of a devastated Japan.

Nuclear power is controversial, to say the least, and perhaps gravely misunderstood. This Let’s Talk series will discuss everything about nuclear power including how it continues to be a permanent part of the electricity supply mix. We’ll explore how reactors work, the uranium fuel cycle and current events from the media.

About the speaker:
Jason Donev is tenured at the University of Calgary, and has received awards for teaching and outreach. Dr. Donev teaches nuclear power, the senior project class for energy and a course that introduces issues related to energy to a non-technical audience, affectionately called ‘energy for everyone.’ Dr. Donev has never worked for the energy industry sector directly but regularly talks with advocates and interested parties all over the political spectrum about various energy issues, especially – but not limited to – nuclear power and climate change. Energyeducation.ca is a major project of Dr. Donev’s, and he hopes to continually improve and adapt the site

The presentation from this event  is available for download here