WPC Energy


Dear Member


It is with much excitement that we share with you that from today onwards our organisation will operate under the new name of WPC Energy.

The decision to change name reflects our commitment to lead the global transition to a low-carbon energy system, achieved through a diverse and sustainable mix of energy sources. As part of this rebrand process our organisation will carry a bold and distinct new visual identity, including a modernised logo and the new tagline:The World Forum for Energy Transformation.  See above.

“This process, part of a wider, ongoing Strategic Review to facilitate dialogue and connection across all spheres of the rapidly evolving energy landscape supports our focus not only on new and traditional energies but on emerging industry trends such as increasing energy efficiency, circular economy, synthetic and bio fuels, digitalisation and electrification. We advocate that all energies and technologies must be embraced to face the challenge to energise the planet in a responsible way. As our business strategy shifts, so must our brand strategy – and as such this represents the most significant change to our identity in our 90 years of history. Our priority has been to acknowledge the rich heritage and DNA of our organisation whilst focussing on a new future.” Pedro Miras, President of WPC Energy.

This rebrand project was undertaken over the course of three months in 2023 in a co-created approach, led by Interbrand, (https://interbrand.com) the world’s leading brand consultancy. The panel also included the President, the Secretariat and a special Focus Group representing a cross section of our National Committees and encompassing an inclusive mix of age and genders.  Gonzalo Brujo, Global CEO of Interbrand, said: “At Interbrand we know that as the transitional economy emerges, organisations across all spectrums will need to evolve their business models and their brand strategies to survive. We have invested in new partnerships and expertise to help our clients make moves and transition. We have a science backed, customer inspired methodology for change and we are delighted to have joined WPC Energy on this journey.”

A few points to note:

  •  All website and social media channels will be updated shortly to reflect these changes
  •  The 24th World Petroleum Congress (Energy Transition: The Path to Net Zero) taking place in Calgary from 17- 21 September 2023 will not be changing name. We are delighted with how this landmark event is progressing and we look forward to welcoming our members to Calgary in September for what will be an enriching and invaluable experience. More details on the Congress can be found at:  https://www.24wpc.com/

We are incredibly proud of the work that has been done to renew our purpose, brand, and identity within the global energy industry and today we embrace an exciting new chapter in the history of our organisation.    With this in mind, we would like to extend a special thank you to the members of the  Focus Group who lent us their much appreciated support, time and expertise throughout this rebranding process.

Finally, we would like to thank you, our members for your enduring support and commitment to our organisation, its goals and activities and we look forward to continuing our journey with you as WPC Energy.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warmest Wishes

WPC Energy President & Secretariat