About WPC Canada

a premiere network of energy professionals

WPC Canada  is the Canadian Association for the World Petroleum Council (WPC) , a non-political, Non-Governmental Organization accredited by the United Nations. WPC Canada has been a member since 1950.

We are a premiere network of energy professionals, with a membership that includes more than 60 representatives of the Canadian oil and gas industry from the private, public and academic sectors.

WPC Canada helps our members stay connected and informed about the oil and gas industry worldwide, primarily by organizing the Canadian presence at the tri-annual World Petroleum Congress. This event is a forum for debating key industry issues, sharing best practices, and reaching out to key stakeholders.

We are part of an international effort to promote understanding of how the oil and gas sector contributes to sustainable development and improves the lives of people throughout the world. We believe that the petroleum industry must be based on respect for individuals and communities, reliance on the highest technical solutions and business, ethical and government standards, and the creation of value for all stakeholders.

Our focus is on all areas of the petroleum industry, including deep water safety, enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture storage, biofuels and renewables, oil price, energy security, climate change, youth and gender, and geopolitics, among others.

Please see our mission, vision and values  for more information.