Mission, Values and Principles



WPC Canada is the only organisation representing Canada’s  oil and gas community globally. WPC Canada’s core value and purpose centres on sustaining and improving the lives of people around the world, through:

• Enhanced understanding of issues and challenges
• Networking opportunities in a global forum
• Cooperation (partnerships) with other organisations
• An opportunity to showcase the industry and demonstrate best practice
• A forum for developing business opportunities
• Information dissemination via congresses, reports, regional and workshops
• Initiatives for recruiting and retaining expertise and skills to the industry
• Awareness of environmental issues, conservation of energy and sustainable solutions


• Respect for individuals and cultures worldwide
• Unbiased and objective views
• Good governance
• A positive perception of energy from petroleum
• Science and technology
• The views of all stakeholders
• The management of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of all


WPC Canada seeks to be identified with its mission and flexible enough so that it can embrace
change and adapt to it. WPC has to be:

• Pro-active and responsive to changes and not merely led by them
• Creative and visionary, so that we add value for all
• Challenging, so that our goals require effort to attain but are realistic and achievable
• Focused, so that our goals are clear and transparent understandable to all

Key Strategic Areas

To deliver a quality, premier world class oil and gas congresses. To organize forums for cooperation and other activities on specific topics Cooperation with other stakeholders to add value by cooperating with other organisations to seek synergies and promote best practice.